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Matt Beno says that CBD is the health without the high.

And that’s what the newly opened Your CBD Store of Cape Coral is all about.

When people visit the store, which opened on Feb. 4, Beno wants them to feel at ease. That’s why Your CBD Store of Cape Coral looks more like a spa than a store that sells CBD products.

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Katie J. Egan

Store manager Matt Beno mixes some water-soluble versions of CBD in the Cape Coral store.

It’s not a smoke shop and you won’t find any items that contain THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana.

In fact, Beno, the store’s manager, says you won’t see anything in the store that’s not CBD.

“It’s all strictly CBD products,” he said.

CBD helps reduce inflammation and helps relieve pain, reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and also helps reduce or eliminate epileptic seizures.

The company’s goal is to make its customers feel comfortable and find out what ails them.

The spa-like setting and calming light blue and neutral color scheme help customers feel comfortable.

“When you come in here,” Beno said. “We’re going to introduce ourselves and talk to you for a minute.”

“We’re going to try and find out what you’re suffering from, if we can help, if you’ve tried CBD before or if you have, what strain, what product, where’d you get it, and what medications you’re on.”

Beno says he makes sure to spend time with people in order to understand the kind of help they need.

“We’re actually going to find out where you’re coming from,” he said. “What the issue is, how we can help, and then we’ll do a free sample.”

Everyone who comes in gets to try a sample of water soluble CBD and pain cream. Items are displayed on shelves near the register. Once Beno or an associate gives an overview of the store’s products, they let the customer browse and see what works best for them.

“We walk them through each shelf individually and then we just step back and let them take a look,” he said. “And now they know what everything is, what it’s going to do, how much it costs, and then they can make their own decisions.”

Your CBD Store of Cape Coral also goes above and beyond to make sure its items are as organic as possible.

“A lot of people are just buying CBD from distributors,” Beno said. “I’m not saying anyone around here, but normally your local corner store or vape shop is just buying from someone who’s selling it and they don’t really know where it’s coming from or what’s in it.”

It’s not anyone’s fault, he said, but according to Beno, that’s where Your CBD Store of Cape Coral has changed the game.

“We get the raw materials, we make our own product, we have our own brand, we have our own name, we have our own everything.”

They also do third party lab testing and on the bottles of CBD products you’ll find QR codes so you can scan the product and get instant lab results on your smartphone.

“People love the fact that we have it,” Beno said. “Because a lot of people are weary about buying CBD right now. They wonder where they’re getting it from and just having that is a reassurance that they’re getting a good product.”

The whole goal, he said, is changing people’s quality of life.

“And if you’re not giving them the right stuff, it’s not going to happen and you’re not going to make it long-term,” Beno said. “So, we’re all about being the best quality.”

When asked if customers were apprehensive about the idea of CBD, Beno said no.

A lot of people have expressed their gratitude that Your CBD Store opened in Cape Coral.

They tell him they’ve been dying to try CBD, but they’ve been apprehensive.

“When they see us,” Beno said. “They’re like, O.K., that’s a dedicated CBD store, I’m going to go in there and check it out.”

Your CBD Store sells three kinds of brands: SunMed, SunFlora and Your CBD Store.

SunMed are the tinctures, water soluble, capsules, gummies and pet tincture products.

SunFlora is the store’s beauty line featuring lip balms, lotions, bath bombs and collagen creams.

The water soluble products are the store’s fastest acting products and you can mix them in any liquid that’s water-based. It normally gives you a four to six-hour effect. They range from $60 to $90.

The tincture oils are six to eight hours and are the more traditional type of CBD oil where you have to hold it under your tongue for a few seconds. These range from $40 to $250, depending on the amount of milligrams of CBD in the bottle.

There are capsules, gummies and pain cream options, too. Your CBD Store also sells products for pets and a small selection of vape products.

In terms of how much you need, Beno says it’s up to you and your pain level.

“It all depends on how you’re feeling.”

Your CBD Store began last June and now there are 195 affiliate stores throughout the U.S. Recently, Beno said there are 40 stores in Florida, adding that he receives new applications for affiliate stores every day.

“We’re hoping to be the Starbucks of the CBD world,” he said.

And it sounds like they’re well on their way. For many people, CBD is working.

“It’s cool,” Beno said. “Because people come back and say they don’t feel their arthritis anymore or their knees don’t hurt anymore or they can go to sleep and not wake up in the middle of the night.”


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