Yoga, Tea, and Fine Design, Today’s Cannabis Shops Offer More Than Bongs and Buds – Surface Magazine

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Stepping out from behind the high-school bleachers, cannabis in its many forms is nearing ubiquity through pain and anxiety treatments, CBD lattes, dog treats, and much, much more. A burgeoning set of retailers have met the trend and the demand, some going beyond the bud by offering well-designed, multi-hyphenate spaces host- ing herb-associated accessories, clothing, podcasts, blogs, vape pens, and meditation studios—all of them making us ask: what else can marijuana be other than a high time.

Burb, Vancouver

No mere head shop, Burb, forwards a complete “Cannabis lifestyle culture.” Burb does not stop at natural medications but also houses a podcast, streetwear, and branded accessories in its 3,700-square-foot neutral- toned flagship. For instance, there’s the brand’s “smell-proof” pouch which allows wearers to transport their goodies under the radar. But if streetwear and Burb-branded products aren’t enough to fill that leaf-sized hole in your heart, it also has a podcast, Light Culture, created by the co-founder of Paper magazine and Burb content strategist, David Hershkovits. As cofounder John Kaye says, “We’re big on experiences and making people feel something when they see the brand, buy the clothing, when they listen to the podcast.” The goal is to offer, “the lifestyle of smoking weed without being the stereotypical stoner,” he adds. The company wants the bud to penetrate not only the mental psych of its clients but also everyday life.


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