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In the UK, medical cannabis is legal, but bringing oils in from Netherlands that contain CBD and THC is not. Crazy how the laws work right?

Anthony and Tannine are a couple who willingly put themselves in harm’s way in order to get the medicine across the border and back to their daughter. Indie-Rose is a tiny munchkin who has epilepsy.

CBD or Cannabidiol has been clinically proven that it can help manage epileptic seizures. Various other conditions, including some types of cancers, have been treated successfully in the past.

However, the Dutch oils also have THC as an active component and the NHS aren’t on the same page regarding this. They are concerned about the effect of the psychoactive part of the oil on the brain.

The parents are adamant about not switching the treatment as their child looks happy and better. They had been searching for something that works for over three years. They don’t wish to change. Still, it is expensive due to many reasons and they know they have to look for an alternative.

What does the future hold for families who are victims of the system that is supposed to protect them? Will India ever witness a change?

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