Why Grandma And Grandpa Want CBD For Grandparents Day This Sunday

Have you ever thought about giving your grandparent a little pain relief, along with that Hallmark card, in honor of National Grandparents Day? As Sunday quickly approaches, some CBD might be just what they need. CBD  eases joint and muscle pain, which makes it the perfect gift for an aging grandparent you want to help ease the pain of growing old.

Since CBD is nearly impossible to overdose on, it is a much safer alternative than painkillers. It also provides consumers with a good night’s sleep, and helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

Gail King, 77, uses Rosebud CBD, which comes in three different strengths. King says she started out with the lowest grade of the CBD oil and slowly graduated to the smallest dose of the oil with the highest concentration (i.e., instead of 1 dropper of 350mg, she now uses a 1/4 dropper of 1000mg).

“I have psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis, also anxiety and sleep apnea,” says King. “Using 1/4 dropper full daily seems to help with the pain, itching and sleep issues. Sometimes, I use it twice a day. I myself just put the dropper under my tongue, but I am told you can add it to your drinks, cooking, baking, etc., although I haven’t tried that yet.”

She says that CBD has helped her with relaxation and pain and that she would recommend anyone at least give it a try. “There are times when some issues hit you hard and the oil can really help with calming,” she said.

Nana Norma Martin, 72, is using the 700mg CBD oil to alleviate the pain from her back surgery and occasional hip aches.

”I feel the oil relaxes my muscles and eases my nerve pain,” she said. “For the first month I used CBD oil, I felt no difference. However, when I stopped taking it, I felt an immediate difference. Now I use it three times a day and this is truly the best I have felt. I have shared this with many of my friends and family. Some have tried the CBD oil, but some are still skeptical.”

Jerry Gambill, 72, is taking 1000mg of Rosebud CBD drops to alleviate pain and get a good night’s sleep. He takes half a dropper two to three times per day. He is now sleeping through the night and no longer taking addictive opioids.

McKenna Miller was so impressed with the health transformation of her 78-year-old grandfather, Robert Miller, while taking CBD that she quit her lucrative job as a music industry publicist to become a full-time publicist in the cannabis sector instead. Miller takes a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC drops, which stops the tremors that are brought on by his Parkinson’s Disease. Miller was using TreatWell but after the scandal that enveloped their CEO, many places will no longer keep it in stock.  Ms. Miller plans to switch her grandfather to the 20:1 drops from Papa & Barkley.

Some common household brands of CBD oils to look for are Charlotte’s Web and CBD American Shaman, while Lexaria Bioscience makes TurboCBD capsules.

Here’s to having healthier grandparents this Grandparents Day and every day.

Source: https://thefreshtoast.com/cannabis/why-grandma-and-grandpa-want-cbd-for-grandparents-day-this-sunday/

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