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CBD is short for cannabidiol. As controversial as marijuana or cannabis may be, there is no denying that it is also selling like hotcakes, particularly in the field of medicine. In states and countries where the use of medical marijuana has been made legal, more and more individuals have turned into this more natural and therapeutic means of medical treatment or medical management.

But what is in the best CBD oil types that have made so popular and in high demand? Why has it quickly risen to the level of fame that it enjoys today? Continue reading below to find out the answers.

  1. It Is An All-Natural Product That Isn’t Addictive

One of the most common misconceptions about CBD oil is that it is addictive. While hemp is addictive in general, CBD oil does not have the component of hemp that makes it addictive, which is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. This has made CBD oil so popular as a supplement to the medical industry because of the benefits that it offers, minus the chemicals. Hence, you can take it at its most raw and real form. Because it isn’t addictive and has minimal side effects, many individuals who are seeking more natural medicinal products have chosen to go for CBD oil instead.

  1. It Helps With Pain Management

Medical marijuana has been used in modern times for the treatment of cancer. With more states legalizing its use, numerous patients have turned to this form of pain management. While it isn’t a cure, many patients have spoken about its benefits in helping alleviate pain. CBD oil has been used together with other medicines to help in pain management, particularly of cancer patients, who are, unfortunately, in the end stage. In the medical world, CBD oil has been used and accepted as a replacement for opioids, which, unlike CBD, tends to be an addictive substance when misused and abused.

  1. It Helps With Anxiety And Mental Health Problems

In medicine, it isn’t only one’s physical state that is of grave concern to medical professionals. With various stressors in the world today, incidences of mental health issues are on the rise. As a form of relaxant for anxiety, CBD oil is widely used because of the calmness and relaxation it offers. How does CBD achieve this? CBD oil works with a receptor in the brain that takes in this compound, which, in turn, has the effect of altering the levels of serotonin in the body, which can improve mental health.

Apart from anxiety, positive results have also been found in the ability of CBD oil to act as an antidepressant.

  1. It Helps With Complex Motor Disorders

Epilepsy is quite common as a globally widespread motor disorder. Some experience minimal seizures while others have more severe ones, in which treatment can often be quite tricky. However, with the legalization of marijuana for medical use, the wonders of CBD oil has also been seen for complex motor disorders. With more and more clinical studies on this each year, many more patients have turned to CBD oil to help manage their seizures, often with positive and better results.

Examples of complex motor disorders in which CBD oils are used, apart from epilepsy, include:

  • Spasticity
  • Dystonia
  1. It Helps With Inflammation On The Body

CBD oil has also been used in medicine for the management of inflammation all over the body. From the smallest and simplest acne problems to the more significant inflammation that can also be more painful, CBD oil has been used to help out with this condition. The compounds present on CBD make it have substantial effects in reducing inflammation.

For instance, with acne, CBD oil helps in controlling the production of sebum, thus aiding in regulating the oiliness of your skin. The less oily your skin is, the fewer the chances of bacteria and other inflammatory properties to grow and develop.

  1. It Helps With Nausea And Vomiting

Particularly for cancer patients who have to undergo chemotherapy, one of the most common side effects of the treatment that can weaken their system is nausea and vomiting. Because of this, food intake is often decreased, thereby making the patient even weaker. CBD oil has been used in cancer patients apart from managing their pain, wherein positive results have been seen in helping manage their nausea.


CBD oil hasn’t just been used for medical purposes at present. It has already been around for thousands of years through the hemp plant. However, it is only in recent times that the legality of its medical use has been passed and approved in many US states, and other countries as well. With the passing of these laws, CBD oil has become even more popular that patients are using this together with their doctor-prescribed medicine. Whatever you choose to do, however, remember to always seek the advice of a health professional.


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