What is the Best CBD Dosage- How Much Should I Take?

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Every medicinal drug has its own particular dosage which is advised by the doctor or the practitioner that should be taken accordingly to induce good health benefits and to cure the disorder or the condition as per the treatment plan. To decide what dosage of CBD you should take to reduce the symptoms or the dosage which is required to cure the ailment depends upon various factors such as your age, your ailment, the severity of the disease, your body weight, and on the concentration of CBD present in your medicine. CBD is available in many forms like gel, spray, pills, gummies, and oil.

CBD is obtained from the citation of Cannabis Sativa plant family, the species of plant which are used to obtain CBD is Cannabis or Hemp. The extracted portion is then diluted with essential oils like coconut oil or hemp seed oil to prepare CBD oil as an end product. CBD can be used for planning the treatment of various disorders and severe ailments such as Acne, Anorexia, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Drug addiction and withdrawal, Epilepsy, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms and conditions affecting Immune system of the body like cancer or HIV.


Liable Keys to decide the Best CBD Dosage

When it comes to any medicinal drug the first and the most important question which comes to our mind is that “What the dosage would be?” or “What is the proper dosage amount to take?” Today we are going to discuss the same topic that what is the best CBD dosage that one should take? The CBD dosage is not fixed and there are several dependable points on which the dosage of CBD varies. The points which should always be kept in mind while determining the correct dosage amount are:

  • The concentration of the CBD
  • Bodyweight
  • Desired effects
  • The Mode of consumption
  • Tolerance capacity towards CBD
  • Type of health concern
  • The dosage delivering method

Lets elaborate on this:

  1. The concentration of the CBD: It is one of the most important things when it comes to deciding the correct dosage for consuming CBD. The concentration of CBD means the quantity in which CBD is present in the given product and through which the dosage will be decided. The dosage is decided on the basis of the concentration of CBD present in the given product.
  2. Body Weight: The best dose of CBD is directly proportional to the weight of your body or in other words lighter your weight is, the minimum dose it would be.
  3. Desired Effects: It is one of the major factors upon which the dosage depends. If the condition is severe, the dose would be higher to reduce the discomfort and to attain a noticeable effect.
  4. The Dosage Delivering Method: To achieve the desired effect on the body the mode which the consumer has opted such as an inhaler, pill, tincture, or spray matters a lot. It will decide the time for the drug to get absorbed in the bloodstream and exhibit the relevant effects. Hence, the dosage of CBD is depending upon the pathway followed to consume it.
  5. Tolerance Capacity towards CBD: When you consume the same dosage for longer-term, then your body stops responding to that specific amount. You will not feel any relief in the discomfort. And this way your tolerance capacity towards CBD is important so you can get the correct dosage amount.
  6. Type of Health Concern: It is very well accepted by everyone that, the medicine which works for inflammation is neither suitable nor it will be effective against headache. Same way, the dosage depends on the health issue which you are facing.


Importance of Correct Dosage

It is quite important to take the correct CBD dosage in order to minimize the discomfort you are facing and to acquire a more stable stage. Yes, everyone says that, but “Why is it so important?” or “What if, I take some reduced or higher dose?” Yes, these questions might come-up. It is human to get all things cleared upfront, before getting into something new . Although CBD drugs are meant to benefit us and to improve our health, they could be dangerous as well.

Minimizing the dosage from the one which is prescribed to you may not get the right results. Like, if you are taking CBD for Insomnia – in case you reduce the amount, there is a possibility you won’t be able to sleep well. This will certainly affect your health. And on the other hand, maximizing the amount could lead from minor toxicities to severe conditions.

This is why it is important to take only the dosage prescribed by the practitioner. The dosage is decided after examining and considering all the affecting factors and your health issues. If you are undergoing any medication, then you must inform the doctor. It will reduce the risk of drug-to-drug reaction which causes severe allergies and inflammations as a result.



No supplement works on the principle that same-size-fits-all, same is with CBD. CBD works and is benefitted on a wide range of health issues because of its broad spectrum and versatile nature. Starting from CBD sub-lingual, CBD edibles, CBD spray to CBD vaporizers all of them are producing great results. They are available in complete range over the counter in the countries where CBD is legalized.

As each person has its own metabolic rate. Every individual responds as per their body and its vitals depending upon the medical conditions. Always make sure that you first consult your doctor or practitioner in case you are thinking to start your CBD medication. CBD is not toxic at all, neither can cause an overdose. But that does not mean the more you take, the better the results would be. CBD is used to reduce the discomfort and is generally started with the recommendation of a small dose.

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