West Lafayette stores talk about CBD oil products

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI)—  More and more local stores are selling CBD oil products after they became legal in Indiana earlier this month.

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Even some gas stations in Lafayette have added them to the shelves.

For Amused Clothing, it’s about awareness.

“People think CBD oil is going to get you high, which is kind of silly if you do any research at all,” said Owner Bob Krusinski.

He posted a CBD oil sign outside his store on State Street a few weeks ago, hoping people would come in and ask questions.

“These are newer for us, kind of the sour gummies,” explained Krusinski. 

Whether you want to eat it, rub it, or vape it, CBD products are used to provide relief. That can be for pain, anxiety or depression.

“We have just continued to see a continual growth on it,” said Sunspot Natural Market Manager Andrea Parish. “There are many days that I don’t get away from the counter just talking about CBD oil for all the different people it helps and all the different things that you can address with CBD oil.”

But when Parish does leave the counter, it’s usually to recommend CBD with other items in the store.

“This is deep sleep it works wonderfully for sleep also Magnesium also for muscles, aches, cramps, tiredness, those types of things,” explained Parish. “These are all natural things that you can use in couplement with your CBD.”

Parish said she has first-hand knowledge these products work.

“I have a burn and I have been using it and making my own balm for my own burn, I personally use the green for anxiety,” said Parish. 

She hopes more people turn to CBD products. Parish believes it could help solve the area’s drug problem.

“I think it’s groundbreaking and I think it’s a fabulous alternative for opioids and pain management,” said Parish. 

Krusinski agrees.

“I had a guy in a couple of days ago saying he doesn’t want to do that, he’s hoping that the CBD products can help alleviate that drug issue,” said Krusinski.

On Tuesday, News 18 is featuring a story about a man who went from being a school principal to opening a CBD oil shop in Lafayette. Why he took the risk, coming up tomorrow night on News 18 at Six.

Source: http://www.wlfi.com/content/news/West-Lafayette-stores-talk-about-CBD-oil-products-488939611.html

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