For¬†It‚Äôs Always Sunny In Philadelphia¬†fans who missed it, we wanted to share one of our favorite viral videos from the last year. Featuring Irish drummer,¬†David Dockery;¬†Prince‚Äės former bassist,¬†MonoNeon; and, of course, a good old fashion Charlie rant, this series of videos shows what happens when music and the Internet combine.

Most¬†Always Sunny¬†fans are familiar with the classic episode, ‚ÄúSweet Dee Has A Heart Attack‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒthe tenth episode of season four‚ÄĒwhen Charlie and Mac pose as mailroom workers at a company to get health insurance, and Charlie potentially stumbles into a conspiracy theory involving an individual named Pepe Silvia and Carol of HR. In the new videos, David Dockery¬†perfectly punctuates Charlie‚Äôs ravings as he explains his theory to Mac, and the two argue about it.

Of course, MonoNeon has become known in his own right for his rhythmic translations of popular media on the bass. Once Dockery’s video took off, MonoNeon added his own playing to the video, working off Dockery’s parts and adding in his own bass line to the argument. You can check out both videos and the progression below.

(Side note: as a fun fact about the roots of Charlie’s conspiracy, some anonymous geniuses on the Internet have posited that Charlie, who’s known for his difficulties with reading comprehension, is misreading Pennsylvania as Pepe Silvia and the attention line, Care of HR, as Carol of HR, which makes a lot of sense but totally blew my mind.)

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