Vape shop to open in Cheatham County, owner wants to ‘help other people’

Aiming to help people throughout Cheatham County alleviate anxiety, depression, inflammation and other issues, Crissey Bolling is getting ready to open a vape shop on the cusp of Ashland City and Pleasant View.

The GOOD Vape Shop will open at 1990 Highway 49 in Ashland City, near the Old Clarksville Pike intersection. The location is formerly Pleasant View Yoga & Wellness.

Bolling has always wanted to help people. Her business card reads: “I may not be able to save the World, but I can sure try to save our County!” She said one reason she’s opening the shop is to help people facing addiction, which she noted is a problem in Cheatham.

In 2017, Cheatham County EMS recorded 149 overdoses, including 12 overdose deaths as heroin and opioid problems continue. Cheatham County law enforcement began administering Narcan in March 2016. EMS data show 206 Narcan administrations in Cheatam County in 2017.

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Bolling has had loved ones go “down that road,” including one family member who she said hit “rock bottom” about three to four months ago.

Bolling helped her family member through it with CBD products, an “all-natural way” to combat the addiction with pain management and alleviating withdrawal symptoms, and now she’s clean, working and regaining independence.

Her story “made me a believer in the product,” Bolling said, explaining she doesn’t think her family member would be where she is today without those products. “I just want to be able to help people…It’s got so many benefits to it.”

CBD products, or Cannabidiol, include a compound in cannabis, though Bolling noted that there’s no THC in the products.

One of the vape shop’s distributors is Veteran Grown LLC, a Chapmansboro company run by veterans, owned by Andrew and Margaret Fox.

Jennifer Lefstein works on the 30- to 40-acre farm and also helps in customer service and other areas. She said there’s a “very long list” of ailments that CBD and hemp products can help. Based on some customer testimonials, she said some include arthritis and lupus.

The company’s website also lists epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, diabetes and digestive aid as some ways CBD products might be able to help someone.

Products include oils, lotions, lollipops and others, and Bolling noted CBD products for pets will be available at the GOOD Vape Shop, too.

Lefstein encouraged those interested in purchasing CBD products to research the product and the company selling it. She said the owners of Veteran Grown LLC “really care about their customers,” and their three-year-old company is “very young, but it is growing.”

Bolling hopes to open the GOOD Vape Shop by the second week of August.

Kelly Fisher, reporter for the Ashland City Times, can be reached at, 615-801-3866 or on Twitter at @KellyPFisher.

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