Two Young Boys Smash 23 New Toyotas, Return And Damage Another 14! – Carscoops

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Two young boys from Perth, Australia have been charged with criminal damage after allegedly storming a car yard and damaging 37 vehicles.

CCTV footage shows the boys, aged 10 and 13, going on a rampage through the Maddington Toyota car yard. The boys can be seen stepping on windscreens and using concrete blocks to smash through windows.

7 News reports that the two youngsters damaged a total of 23 cars in the early hours of Sunday morning. Not satisfied with the damage they caused, the boys returned later on Sunday to collect clothes they had left at the scene before heading back that night and damaging a further 14 vehicles.

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The Toyota dealership estimates that $100,000 worth of damage was done to the vehicles. While insurance will cover the costs, the Japanese automaker says it will take at least a month for all of the damaged vehicles to be repaired.

Due to the ages of the boys, their identities cannot be made public, though it is reported that both are known to local police.

“They have no human regard and they have no care for the law,” local resident Nicole De Vincentis told The Daily Mail.

“It’s going to keep happening, unfortunately. You’ve already seen the rise in vigilante justice, and people are going to continue fighting back and protecting what’s theirs.”

The two boys were arrested and charged with criminal damage and remained in custody on Monday night.

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