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Turtle Creek Gardens, a 100-acre organic Delavan farm, is fast becoming the seed that will help germinate the local hemp-growing industry in Wisconsin.

Owned by Janet Gamble, who also co-manages it with Steve Timlins, Turtle Creek Gardens has become a mentor for those seeking to grow hemp.

Since industrial hemp growing has become legal in Wisconsin, Gamble has held seminars, conducted workshops and given prospective hemp novices field trips on her farm to show industrial hemp and the variety for producing cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

“We had a couple of field days. Each drew 100 people,” she said. “We had some experienced farmers, and we had some first-time growers.”

Additionally, she has formed a group of 30 growers who will plant either seed or seedlings this upcoming planting season.

Careful not to call it a hemp co-operative, she said the group was formed to share information and learn more about a fledgling industry that is in its infancy in Wisconsin.

Gamble grew two types of hemp last year. She grew five acres of industrial hemp that can be used for grain, food products and a variety of other uses to develop a seed that can be sold to other growers. She will grow it again and continue to develop the strain.

Though she got her initial seeds from Colorado growers, she wants to produce a Badger state hybrid.

She also grew 400 CBD hemp plants.

“It was a success,” she said. “We sold to some extracting companies. Some of it was sold to stores.”

This year, Gamble said she will expand and grow more of the CBD hemp.

Gamble is growing to produce a full spectrum form of CBD.

“We’re selling out hemp,” she said. “We want to support a full spectrum. We’re looking for a high-value crop.

“Farming has been my career. We can be a consultancy for farmers. We have a passion for what we do.”

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