Tuesday at the Farm Show – ABC27

Deputy Agriculture Secretary Fred Strathmeyer discussed Pennsylvania’s hot new hemp industry, and how it will be featured more prominently. The hemp display will include a house with structural and design elements made of hemp, a car with interior components made of hemp, and other products highlighting the emerging opportunities in hemp fiber.

The display focuses on fiber, industrial and hemp seed oil uses for the hemp plant, not CBD. Elements of the car including parts of the battery, body insulation and upholstery, and even the running board are all made of hemp and hemp bio-plastics. Structural elements of the house, paint and interior features are made of hemp. There are clothing items, foods, and all kinds of products made from seed oil in the exhibit. We’re highlighting the opportunities for growers and processors in the hot new PA industry.

For the 2020 Show, Mushroom Farmers of PA revamps the Mushroom Booth, creating a wharf-to-table experience. Visitors will be able to walk through the life cycle of a mushroom, from the compost wharf to the kitchen table. Along the way, there will be interactive experiences, like a live mushroom growing display and information on the composting process, mushroom varieties, ways to use mushrooms in the kitchen, and more.

Chef Instructor Claire Dacko brought culinary students from Dauphin County Technical School to do a potato cooking competition demonstration. Claire says this competition teaches them how to work together as a team and get the competition done in time.

The students made sweet potato fries and regular fries with their own twist on flavors.

Source: https://www.abc27.com/news/local/pennsylvania-farm-show/tuesday-at-the-farm-show/

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