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By Pet Business Staff



True Leaf Brands Inc. signed a supply and purchase agreement with Namaste Technologies to expand its direct-to-consumer distribution network.


“In addition to being in more than 3,500 stores across North America and Europe, we’re seeing tremendous growth online with direct-to-consumer sales, so we’re thrilled to partner with Namaste – a trusted name in the global cannabis marketplace,” said Darcy Bomford, founder and chief executive officer of True Leaf. “We’re confident Namaste’s customers will embrace our products to improve the quality of life of their pets, just as they do with the medicinal cannabis products that improve their own quality of life. We also look forward to working with Namaste as a key distribution partner when we launch our line of legally-compliant CBD products for pets.”


Namaste is a global cannabis e-commerce platform with multiple websites under various brands. True Leaf’s hemp-based supplements will initially be sold on Namaste’s as the first products for pets sold by a Namaste e-commerce platform when the line launches in the third quarter of 2019.


The partners will also donate 10 percent of all profits generated from the first month of sales to local Canadian animal rescue shelters.


“We’re building a technologically exciting marketplace for the adult-use cannabis market where we can reimagine the experience available to both our customers and vendors,” said Meni Morim, interim CEO at Namaste Technologies. “Partnering with a leading brand like True Leaf is an excellent way to enhance our consumer product offering and scale our vendor experience. We’re also happy to support True Leaf’s Return the Love movement by donating to Canadian animal rescue shelters.”



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