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An annual survey of chefs conducted for the National Restaurant Association found that CBD-infused drinks and food will be the number one and number two dining trends in 2019. They both trump zero-waste kitchens, the third biggest dining trend the chefs selected for 2019.

The chefs make a good point. Sometimes it can seem like CBD, the main non-psychotropic compound found in cannabis, is everywhere, and booming in popularity. Chefs are incorporating CBD into everything from donuts and milkshakes, to olive oil, cereal, and of course cocktails.

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“I’m telling you, 75 percent of my clientele is doctors, nurses, and lawyers,” Josh Schwab of Glazed & Confused Donuts, in Aurora, Colorado told USA Today. “You get all the relaxation without the head high. It kinda just takes the edge off.”

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Dazed & Confused sells a donut frosted with CBD, with a candied hemp leaf on top. They sell more than thirty each week.

“I was tired of living every day anxious. I wanted to be more present and calm. That’s what CBD does for me,” said Jonathan Eppers in the same interview. He is the founder of CBD-infused Vybes drinks, which sold 1.1 million bottles last year.

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But will CBD be a booming fad, or will it fade into history? “Ultimately, what the consumer wants comes to fruition,” Hudson Riehle, the restaurant associations senior research director told USA Today.


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