To calm dogs spooked by fireworks, pet owners are using treats made from marijuana plants

As the sound of July fireworks sends terrified dogs running into closets, under the bed and possibly even away from home, many pet owners and veterinarians are buzzing about a new way to help man’s best friend relax and enjoy the holiday: products made from the marijuana plant.

Cannabidiol chews, oils and dog treats are selling out at local pet supply stores, and veterinarians say clients have been eager to learn more about CBD products derived from hemp, the same Cannabis sativa plant as pot but which contains little or no THC, the component that provides the high.

“It’s just recently come in favor,” said Natalie Marks, medical director for Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago, where she recommends CBD products, which are available without a prescription for both dogs and cats that have mild reactions to fireworks. “We have lots of clients that are very happy with it.”

But in a statement to the Tribune, the American Veterinary Medical Association discouraged the use of CBD products on pets.


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