The Use of CBD in Workout Recovery

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If you are looking into CBD oil online or want to buy CBD hemp oil from a site like cbdistillery rather than search around for CBD near me, you may have a lot of questions. From what is hemp to the science behind CBD for workout recovery, we cover it all in this article and we are happy to help.

Before we get started, we should look at the reason behind why we’re even talking about this in the first place. Who is the Olympic Committee, and what did they decide about CBD?

The Olympic Committee and CBD

The Olympic Committee set a new precedent when they decided to remove CBD from their list of banned substances.

As of the year 2018, athletes could finally have permission to use CBD as a way to relieve pain without having to worry about what would happen to their career if they ever got caught.

International Olympic Committee works to legalize use of CBD for olympic athletes

A recent article in the marijuana publication Herb states,

“Athletes will soon be able to breathe a skunky sigh of relief as The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) implements its new regulations which will loosen restrictions on cannabis. The regulations will go into effect as of January 1, 2018, and completely remove cannabidiol or CBD, one of the primary medicinal compounds in cannabis, from the list.

According to the American arm of the WADA, the organization makes its determinations on which substances to ban, ‘based on current scientific and medical knowledge,’ suggesting that research is increasingly returning positive results and that the agency is slowly accepting the use of cannabis.

In 2013 the WADA loosened its policy on marijuana consumption raising the acceptable THC/blood level to 150ng/mL – ten times the previous threshold. Anything lower is not required to be reported by testers.”

This is great news for everyone, but especially athletes. By having a new — and safe —  way to aid their bodies in the recovery process, they can pursue optimal health and not get in trouble or threaten their careers by doing so.

How Can CBD Aid in Workout Recovery?

Olympic Swimmers in the pool

If you are curious about just how CBD can help athletes who are looking for a great way to feel better after their workout, read on. In this section, we’ll discuss CBD and post workout routines.

The main thing you should know is that one of the biggest reasons people turn to CBD is two fold. For one, they seek pain relief and just a desire to generally feel better about their health, wellness, and life.

For two, they also seek to reduce inflammation in the body. By helping to tone down inflammation and reduce how irritated the body may feel after a hard workout, CBD may greatly assist in helping athletes feel better and recover faster.

These two effects together are a main reason that CBD works so well for people trying to treat their bodies well and get them in optimal shape.

As Herb puts it,

“Given these effects, it’s not surprising that many fitness enthusiasts and athletes are beginning to use CBD as a workout recovery tool.

Indeed, CBD is growing particularly popular with people who undergo strenous training, such as MMA fighters, for whom it can offer a reduction of post-workout pain and soreness, faster healing of injuries, and better sleep. Having said that, the main issue with CBD is that there are currently no studies that examine its use in the context of workout recovery.”

Yep, it’s true! Even world class MMA fighters are turning to CBD as a helpful tool in taking care of their bodies, in and out of the ring.

Want to know more? In the next section, we’ll discuss some of the science behind exactly how all of this works.

The Science Behind CBD and Post Workout Recovery

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How exactly does CBD aid in recovering from a workout? It seems that the effects are achieved in two main ways.

According to the trusted health site Supplements in Review, CBD helps both by interacting with nervous system receptors and by increasing levels of anandamide and adenosine in the body.

Let’s get a little deeper into this. If you want to understand the science behind how CBD interacts with your body, read on.

“The most important effects of CBD – reduction of pain, inflammation, stress & anxiety – appear to be mediated by its interaction with three key nervous system receptors:

  • Activation of the TRPV1 (vanilloid) receptor which controls inflammation and sensitivity to pain 1
  • Blockade of the GPR55 receptor (considered by many scientists to be the third cannabinoid receptor), which controls nociception – the response of the nervous system to potentially harmful stimuli that manifests as pain 2
  • Activation of the serotonin 5-HT1A receptor, which plays a role in regulating stress, mood, and anxiety.” 3

This explains the first way that CBD may interact with your body. In other words, it interacts with your nervous system receptors in very helpful ways.

Secondly, CBD also helps to increase levels of the important chemicals anandamide and adenosine. What are these? What do they do?

“CBD has been shown to increase the levels of anandamide – a neurotransmitter and the main cannabinoid that is produced by the human body – which can reduce pain and inflammation through increased activation of endocannabinoid receptors. 4

In addition, CBD also increases levels of adenosine –  another neurotransmitter that appears to reduce inflammation.”

By reducing pain and inflammation, your workout recovery time — and comfort level — may dramatically improve. Why not try incorporating CBD for yourself? This harmless chemical just may prove to be the help you need for feeling better, faster, stronger after your most grueling workouts.

CBD’s Uses Post Workout

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CBD features all sorts of potential benefits for those looking for help recuperating from their time in the gym.

Some of these can include a lower level of pain, a reduced number of muscle spasms, improved sleep levels, and a higher appetite. Pain is very common after training hard, but CBD can help make the recovery time much smoother and pain free.

Stimulating your appetite for healthy foods can aid recovery by making sure you replace your protein and other necessary nutrients after working out. Drinking enough water is another important part of the recovery process. It helps replace the hydration you may have sweated out while exercising.

CBD may also be able to help with an improved experience during the recovery process. This is especially true if there is any sort of injury involved. By reducing pain and inflammation, your body can recover more quickly and you’ll feel better while it’s doing so. 

CBD as a post workout supplement holds a lot of promise.

While we do not yet have any studies that specifically examine CBD in the use case of a post workout supplement, more and more scientific studies are coming out revealing the many benefits of CBD. These help athletes decide for themselves how they may want to incorporate CBD into their workout and exercise regimen.

What is Hemp?

With all this talk about CBD and marijuana, you may be wondering… what is hemp? This is a valid question. Many people just assume that all names — hemp, marijuana, CBD, weed, etc — refer to the same thing. And while all of these things are related, it’s important to note that they are not the same thing.

buy cbd oil online - what is hempHemp is one plant in the marijuana family. It has industrial uses and does not get you high. That’s because growers use it specifically for its other benefits. They breed it to contain little to no THC, so that it is a great tool to use for their purposes but not a great tool for pot heads and stoners.

Why would they do this? Well, that’s because hemp has many great properties outside of its usual recreational purposes. You can make clothes, rope, and even animal food out of hemp. Hemp plants can also produce wonderful substances like lotions, food supplements, skin care products, and more.

So, while hemp is in the same family of marijuana, it is not the same plant. You couldn’t smoke a hemp plant and get high. It exists solely for other uses.

And that’s why, in many cases, CBD comes from the hemp plant rather than the standard marijuana plant. CBD does not need to come from a plant high in THC levels because that’s not the point or use case of CBD. In other words, a lot of times, CBD comes from a plant that is related to the rest of the cannabis family but does not contain high enough a level of THC to get you high in the first place.

CBD Near Me: Can I Buy CBD Hemp Oil Where I Live?

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Are you on the hunt for CBD near me? If you’re wondering whether you can buy CBD where you live or whether you should buy CBD hemp oil somewhere else — like buying CBD oil online — then you’ve come to the right place.

You may have a lot of questions about buying CBD oil online since marijuana may be illegal in the state where you live. That’s totally understandable. Many people are afraid to buy something like CBD since they relate it to marijuana.

However, that’s where the good news comes in. Though CBD is related to marijuana because it comes from the same family of plants, it is not the same thing. It does not contain the compound THC and therefore will not get you high.

For this reason, CBD is legal in most places. So in other words: yes, you probably can find CBD near me. You are likely able to purchase CBD in a physical retail store in whatever state you choose to live. However, if you cannot find available CBD near me, buying online is a great option too.

When you buy CBD oil online, you can purchase it no matter where in the states you live and have the CBD sent straight to your door. This is an easy and hassle free way to get the CBD you need. Plus, as long as you double check with the rules and regulations where you live prior to purchase, it is most likely perfectly legal.

Where to Buy CBD Hemp Oil: Buy CBD Oil Online

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