The Top 20 Pinkbike Comments of the Past Decade –

 @BenPea: from the journal: 6th of May 2020, somewhere in a cottage in French Alps –
16:00 Waki consumes 80 liberty caps and we go working on his downhill bike to put regular drivetrain on it.
16:30 he reports starting to feel the effects in the fingers, skin feels very soft, a slow come up of tranquility, his action become slow but precise.
16:45, even more tranquile, he reports colors starting to get more vivid, and perception of depth and form of objects gets enhanced. He is in wonder of the new reality he finds himself in.
17:15 first wave of euphoria, colors get very vivid and lines are getting jittery, everything seems wavy. Cannot put the 5 allen into the brake caliper bolt… he cannot stand straight, keeps stomping from one leg to another. he finds it extremely amusing. laughs a lot. I ask if he needs water, he thinks it would be great to fill the frame with water and drink from the bottom bracket. Giggles, everything seems funny and he comes up with very creative ways to laugh a lot.
17:30 – things get intense, and he says it starts to get overwhelming, He can no longer work on the bike, laughs histerically repeating out loud: fk I’m high, I’m so fkn high. He no longer works on the bike, walks around, looking in awe at the reflections in the tools.
17:45, I am getting worried about him, so I finally let him sit down. as the state deepens. He says his stomach is firing now. He alternates between saying I need to throw up and I need to poop. I provide rthe bucket but to my relief he does neither. He starts talking about you are what you eat. He shouts We are mushrooms. I am the mushroom! Give me water give me rain, let me grow! Immediately changes subject to his family. Says: mushrroms let me be abetter father!
18:00: He says he cannot control it, apologizes and lies on the floor. His eyes are wandering. He keeps going between I am high, it’s fantastic! and I want to love my wife, I want to call my friend. Closes his eyes for a longer time to find relief but opens them terrified – colors and shapes changed to dark grey skulls! I need to think postiive! I am telling him about how great his bike is – he replies no! It takes me away from my loved ones! For what? Why? I am selfish – he cries. He gets paranoiac. I need ot raise his mood, distract im. Let’s install the stem I say. He barely stands up pick up allen keys and looks at them, then talks to them. He says they are smiling to him but wone cries. He tries to make it happy, he caresses it.
18:15 He got stuck in a motion pattern, sitting on the floor, standing up talking to allen keys. He tells them about his love to the mountains. Still stuck in a motion but now holds oil bottles. keeps pouring the oil out finds it beatiful. Fox golden oil in particular.
18:30 – he says he is tired, lays on the ground again. Closes his eyes, says he can’t rtake it but will focus on happy things. He kind of falls asleep. but talks all the time. The light he says. I am scared of meetign the bautiful light. A galaxy he says. The light behind the dust clouds. Then talks about light coming from a plant. i encourage him to go to the light. He says he ate the plant. Goes quiet. Talks to the light. Saying I see I see. Why now, why did I wait so long. cries a lot. But it’s a happy crying. He moves his arms a lot. Repats. bautiful, we are bautfiul.
19:00 His words no longer make sense. He cannot build sentences anymore. Mumbles. Cries, laughs. Doesn’t respond much to my questions.
20:00 He starts to make sense but repeats same sentence over and over. I want to make, I want to make room
20:45 he finally puts the sentence together I want to make room for love in my heart
21:30 he tries to stand up, he looks drained emotionally but looks very happy. Keeps repating the same sentence again. Apaologizes for being high. gets a bit angry, hits the bike saying it’s all your faulty. Calms down after a moment. Cries again. I ell him to go back on the floor and close his eyes.
22:30 effects start to wear off, he doesn’t speak much. Looks happy. I propose to go to bed.
22:45 Goes to pee and says he sees diamongs fallking of his penis into the toilet. I tell him to not try to catch them.
23:00 Lies in bed, says he is enjoying the visuals but light is behind the gas cloud again, behind the outer cell wall of plants
24:00 falls asleep.Source:

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