The buzz on buying CBD oil

Maybe you’ve seen it for sale around town or showing up in conversation on social media. However you’ve heard of it, there is no denying that CBD oil has become a major wellness trend of 2018 – and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

With a growing variety of businesses hustling to get in on the fad, we wanted to weed out the rumors surrounding CBD.

🌿So – what is CBD oil, how is it used, and is it legal?

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of chemicals + compounds. Two of the most pronounced are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) + CBD (cannabidiol). In short, THC is psychoactive, meaning it can produce a high. CBD is non-psychoactive, and therefore will not produce a high. (That Afroman song would’ve gone a lot differently had he strictly indulged in CBD).

In S.C., there is specific legislation in place allowing the sale of products with THC-levels found in CBD cultivated from hemp plants (minimum to none). Industrial hemp farming has been legalized under a federal pilot program. And it’s taking off. 20 farmers were chosen to participate in this year’s inaugural season, + 162 farmers have applied for permits to grow hemp in 2019. (More on the program here.)

CBD is being more commonly used for medical reasons because of the way it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system – which helps regulate our immune system, pain receptors, + our sleep. CBD treats all kinds of ailments: arthritis pain, cancer treatment side effects, insomnia + anxiety, to name a few. (I mean, even Marcus Lattimore uses it.)

And here is our quick disclaimer that we are in no way medical professionals, or promoting the cannabis industry. Our team regularly comes across local businesses involving CBD in their products + thus we wanted to explore the science. This made us figure our loyal, smart readers were curious as well. 🔬

As it turns out, a lot of you turn to CBD as an alternative form of medicine. Here’s where you told us we can find CBD oil around town. ⬇

Photo by @rosewoodmarketsc

Garner’s Natural Life | 4849 Forest Dr.

Planet Vapor | 300 Huger St.

Natural Vibrations | 719 Harden St.

Palmetto Acupuncture | 1825 Sumter St.

Purple Haze | 719 Saluda Ave.

Fields Chiropractic | 3930 Devine St.

Rosewood Market | 2803 Rosewood Dr.

Earth Fare | 3312-B Devine St.

Landy’s Pharmacy | 110A Clemson Rd.

Dawn of Your Wellness | 3357 Leaphart Rd., West Columbia

Palms To Palmettos | 3357 Leaphart Rd., West Columbia

Privilege Pharmacy | 3311 Platt Springs Rd., West Columbia

THERx Physical Therapy & Pain Management | 800 Columbiana Dr. #50, Irmo

14 Carrot Whole Foods | 5300 Sunset Blvd., Lexington

Foothold Counseling | 163 Hollis Rd., Lexington

Nikki B Massage | 322 S Lake Dr., Lexington

Old Mill Chiropractic | 711 East Main St., Suite L2, Lexington

Riley’s Drugs | 1207 West Main St., Lexington

Wingard’s Market | 1403 N Lake Dr., Lexington

Like any and all medication + supplements, consult your physician before trying it– particularly if you are pregnant or already taking certain medications. And always buy it from a trusted source – fake CBD oil is out there, and accidentally ingesting it pretty much sounds like the opposite of relaxing.


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