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The Alchemist’s kitchen has taken the benefits and uses of CBD to a completely new level. Everything you can think of, related to CBD is catered for, whether it is body and skincare products, herbal aid and elixirs, lifestyle and gifts, sacred plants oils, beverages and tea, mushroom health and even books and magazines on CBD. All you need to know about them including how to get them to where you are, is provided.

The Alchemist’s Kitchen product Collections

The Alchemist’s Kitchen most ordered goods are their uniquely 1500mg Concentrated CBD Oil plant alchemy, 100mg CBD Honey Mama Manuka face mask soul addict, 420mg Salome CBD Anointing oil highborn and 420mg Defume CBD anointing oil Highborn.

Body and skincare products

At the Alchemist’s Kitchen, they believe that what goes on the body is equally important as what goes in. It is for this reason that they don’t use sulphates or parabens but instead utilize the power of natural, organically grown plants for the restoration of natural skin.

The skin care products manufactured include:

  • Sacred space mister
  • Exfoliating coffee scrub and coffee scrub bar
  • Pure magnesium topical spray
  • Tooth polish, city skin potion oil
  • CBD cool sooth balm
  • Breast butter
  • Magical black bath sea salts
  • Golden waves sea salt shimmer spray among many more

Beverages and tea

Special beverages and tea have been used since ancient times for their calming and delicious natures. The Alchemist’s Kitchen beverages have gone ahead and integrated adaptogenic and detoxifying plant components to your favorite beverages and teas, to make drinking them more fun an exciting as you look forward to their amazing benefits.

The blends include mushroom hot cocoa mix, mushroom cocoa mix, lucid dreaming tea, anandamide raw cacao & Tonic herbs, digestive tonic, turmeric chai blend and Dorset maple reserve Vermont maple syrup among a myriad of many others.

Herbal aids and elixirs

For thousands of years, herbal powders, supplements and tinctures have been utilized as alternative medicinal remedies for their close to perfect medicinal benefits accorded to the users. The Alchemist’s kitchen herbal products are doing ever better thanks to the wonderfully natural plant extracts used in their production.

The Alchemist’s Kitchen Benefits

The Alchemist’s Kitchen CBD products are beneficial in a number of ways. The common benefit is provision of relief from various conditions including chronic pain and inflammation, stress-related sleep deprivation, muscle and joint aches, revitalization and rejuvenation of lacklustre skin, which in turn improves your overall health.


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