Sullivan County family pushing for changes in hemp laws

SULLIVAN COUNTY, TN РA Sullivan County man is pushing for change to laws on Hemp and CBD oil products after his wife was denied prescription pain medication. This after traces of THC were found in her system. 

Who says the woman was taking a hemp oil product called Charlotte’s Web” for additional pain management.¬†

For nearly a decade Bill Martin has been caring for his wife Janet.

“She’s tougher than I am and now she’s in pain and I can’t do a damn thing about it.”¬†

She suffered a stroke in 2014 and was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis, her husband says because of her health problems his wife suffers daily with pain. 

Through a Hemp product called “Charlotte’s Web” Martin says his wife was able to alleviate some pain.¬†

“She says she didn’t see much difference but i saw a difference in her sleep pattern and we bought another bottle of the plus,” Bill Martin said.¬†

As a result of taking that hemp product Janet martin failed a drug test she was required to take in order to re-fill her Hydrocodone prescription. 

“They called later on and said they could not fill that prescription because she had THC/ Marijuana showed up in her system,” Bill Martin said.¬†

We reached out to one of the makers of Charlotte’s Web Hemp Joel Stanley, asking if the product contains THC.¬†

“Charlotte’s Web is a whole plant hemp extract and just like every hemp food there are very fractional legal amounts of THC,” Joel Stanley said.¬†¬†

Bill Martin says he shared this information with his wife’s doctors and was able to get a limited prescription but told no more would be prescribed.¬†

Doctor David Dahl with pain medicine associates says he requires patients to submit to drug screenings on a case by case basis and says that anyone considering taking hemp should consult their doctors. 

“If a patient has illicit substance in their urine drug screen then that is one of the big red flags that this person might or this person has taken an illicit subtance.that puts them at a higher misuse and abuse of a prescribed medication as well.”¬†

David Cooper recently opened East Tennessee Hemp Company in downtown Jonesborough. He encourages people to do their research and be educated before buying hemp products. Cooper is also looking to government officials when it comes to drug test and hemp. 

“The government needs to figure out what to do on this testing of this product,” Cooper said.¬†

Bill Martin echo’s those sentiments, he is remaining hopeful area law makers will make changes to hemp laws.¬†

We reached out to representative Timothy Hill who told us over the phone that he working with other law makers to see if adjustments can be made to current legislation so that patients don’t have to go through what the Martin family experienced.¬†


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