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Over the years, CBD has come to be known for its many medicinal properties. The herbal compound has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and anti-psychotic abilities. The substance is widely used for improving mood, bettering sleep, and combating pain.

Many studies have acknowledged the positive effect that CBD has on the nervous, immune, and digestive systems. It can be helpful in the treatment of cancer, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. It is also a suitable treatment for mood disorders and some neurological conditions.

Scientists have extensively studied CBD’s positive effects for patients of epilepsy. Such that last year the Food and Drug Administration approved the extract’s use for seizure treatment associated with two types of epilepsy.

Now a new study shows the potential of the drug in treating symptoms of Angelman’s Syndrome. Angelman Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder with characteristics such as intellectual disability, delayed development, and ataxia. This ailment, that mainly affects the nervous system, also causes speech impairment.

Cannabidiol For Angelman’s Syndrome

CBD comes from the cannabis plant. The plant extract can help alleviate seizures associated with the serious condition. It can also normalize brain rhythms in Angelman Syndrome patients. The Journal of Clinical Investigation published this study about the harmful condition. Note that this disorder is resistant to most drugs.

Researchers conducted the experiment on rats that had the neurological disorder. They found that a single injection of cannabidiol significantly lowered the severity of the seizures. Scientists triggered seizures in the animals through increased body temperature and loud sounds. However, the usual anticonvulsant dose of cannabidiol didn’t have much effect on the motor coordination or balance of the mice.

Lead author of the study, Bin Gu said, “We’re confident our study provides the preclinical framework necessary to better guide the rational development of CBD as a therapy to help lessen seizures associated with Angelman syndrome and other neurodevelopmental disorders.”

Is Cannabidiol Safe?

CBD is a cannabinoid of the hemp and marijuana plants. Typically, it serves medical purposes. The natural compound doesn’t seem to have any major negative side effects. Nausea, dry mouth, and diarrhea are some commonly reported adverse effects of its use.

Its side effects for the treatment of people with Angelman’s Syndrome are not known yet. More studies need to be conducted to say that CBD is a relatively safe treatment for the condition. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t ever self-medicate with CBD for the neurological condition. The opinion of your physician is vital.


CBD works as a treatment agent for many physical, psychological, and neurological conditions. The FDA even approved its use for epilepsy last year. Now a new study shows that the compound has potential to be used as a treatment for Angelman’s Syndrome. The research work shows that it can normalize brain rhythms and alleviate seizures in people who have the disorder.


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