Stay Moisturized, Sun-Protected, and Glowing With Sephora’s New Bath and Body Products – POPSUGAR

If you made a skincare resolution in 2020, make sure you include your entire body in that, not just your face. Not only is it important to keep skin moisturized and protected from the sun year-round, creating a self-care ritual around bath and body treatments can definitely work toward any happiness or body-positivity goals this year, too.

Even if resolutions aren’t for you, Sephora’s new bath and body products definitely are. There’s something to keep your hands and heels hydrated, sun protection (in lotion, stick, mist, and oil formulas), and a few products that can bring out your glow from within.

We’re sending you good vibes and smart choices in the new year — so, check out the new Sephora bath and body products to help you get there ahead.


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