Starfire burglarized, missing $2K in items – Camden News


Staff writer

A burglary at a business on Washington resulted in nearly $2,000 worth of merchandise plus cash being stolen according to the owner.

Jesse Hooks of Starfire Smoke Shop says that 10 bottles of 32 Oz. OMNI detox cleansing drink valued at $320, two bottles of 16 oz. OMNI detox cleansing drink valued at $40; 1/2 pound of hemp flower valued at $800; 20 packs of CBD gummies valued at $400; two larger bottle of CBD oil valued at $160; two small bottles of CBD oil valued at $120; $50 worth of Ziplock bags; and 50 pre-rolled hemp cigarettes valued at $400.

Hooks believes that the suspects are trying to sell the hemp as marijuana, because he has had people question if he has sold hemp to an individual who tried to pass it off as marijuana to them. When the people in questioned smoked it, they said it did not have the same effect as marijuana.

The hemp product Hooks sells contains less than .04 percent THC, the psychoactive element of marijuana. Likewise the gummies and oil do not produce a high. Hooks said several pieces of glassware were left undisturbed.

Camden Police Officers were alerted by an employee of the Donut Shop who observed a large hole in the door of Star Fire Smoke Shop at around 5:00 a.m. Thursday morning. The Donut Shop has recently installed a camera network after a series of break ins and the footage is currently being reviewed. A footprint was also visible on the a glass display case.

A cash register was later found near the TRACE.


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