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Chris Syrrakos, owner of Starbuds Medical (N88 W16733 Main St., Menomonee Falls), realized how much his cannabidiol (CBD) business had grown when got the attention of Starbucks, the chain coffee purveyors. He recently appeared on the latter’s radar screen and was contacted by the coffee giant’s legal department to change the name of his business. He’s making the transition from Starbuds Medical to Starbud Medical, but that bump in the road hasn’t slowed his passion for getting CBD to those who need it.

Syrrakos opened Starbuds Medical, the first CBD dispensary in Menomonee Falls, on Saturday, Dec. 15. His mom is a cancer survivor, and his sister has multiple sclerosis. “I’ve seen CBD help them, and that was my inspiration,” he says. Syrrakos had owned Wauwatosa Auto Body before he chose to pursue a two-year apprenticeship in California’s cannabis industry.

To provide CBD products and hemp education to as many people as possible, Syrrakos keeps his store phone line manned 24/7 and offers free, 24-hour delivery. “Anywhere, anytime, we’ll get it there,” he affirms. “We don’t charge, and we won’t accept tips, but if customers want to leave a good review, we’re fine with that.” He will also have a mobile CBD store ready this month for festivals and events. He’s currently working on a drive-through location.

Starbuds Medical carries more than 31 kinds of hemp flower, sourced from all over the country. Syrrakos is also a hemp grower and grows the majority of his flowers for his own Starbuds Medical brand in an indoor operation with a packaging facility. “You get a better quality product growing indoors versus outdoors,” he explains. “Outdoors, you’ve got all elements and animals getting at the plants. Indoors, you can control the environment, the pH levels, nutrients and humidity level.”

The hemp flower flavors, also known as strains, include Pineapple Express, Special Sauce, Strawberry Haze, Mango Haze and Peach Haze. Fruity strains get their flavor and aroma from terpenes, Syrrakos explains. “Terpenes are natural flavors found in the plant. Depending on which strain you have, each of those strains has different terpenes and cannabinoids found in the plant that produce different effects. Some might have more of a fruity scent, and some have more of a piney scent. One might make you sleepier, or one might make you more aware and active.”

Those not familiar with hemp flower can look, smell, touch and try them at the store. Starbuds Medical also carries CBD-infused coffee, tea, creams, bath bombs, topical ointments, sprays, balm, lip balm, toothpaste, gummy bears and frogs, rock candy, snacks and pet products. Syrrakos stocks CBD oil tinctures in several flavors and strengths, including Wisconsin brands Hazy Dayz and Green Crown Extracts. Syrrakos buys in volume and strives to keep his prices low so people that are on a fixed income or with excessive medical bills from an illness or accident can still afford his CBD products.

Wisconsin has a healthy hemp future, Syrrakos emphasizes. “This year, you’ve got 1,800 (hemp growing) permits that went out, so it’s going to be an interesting season this year; that’s 10 times the number from last year. Wisconsin is projected to be the largest hemp producer, along with Kentucky. One of the seed suppliers we deal with sold eight million seeds in 30 minutes. He ran out, and now there’s a waiting list.”

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