Southlake CBD store receives FDA warning over marketing claims – FOX 4 Dallas

A CBD oil store in Southlake that the FDA says was making illegal marketing claims says it had no idea it was doing anything wrong.

The store is among a handful of CBD businesses around the country the FDA warned on Monday. The federal government says they could face legal action if they don’t stop making the claims.

CBD is popping up all across the U.S. Users swear by the health benefits, but the FDA says, for now, stores can’t talk about the possible benefits. The federal government ordered all those businesses to immediately stop making those claims.

Heather King runs Noli CBD Oil in Southlake. Their website is filled with testimonials from users and also lists health benefits, reading anything from “aids sleep” to “inhibits cancer cell growth.”

But the FDA says there are unanswered questions about CBD and what, if any, benefits there are for treating disease or being used as a dietary supplement.

The FDA says it’s exploring “potential pathways for various types of CBD products to be lawfully marketed,” and it “plans to provide an update on its progress…in the coming weeks.”

King says it should’ve been done already.

“We’ve been waiting for the FDA all year,” she said. “They keep promising that they’re going to get us rules, regulations, guidelines for us.”

Customer Shawn Coker swears that CBD helps him sleep and reduces his inflammation. He’s just one of many people across the U.S. using what’s similar to marijuana in some respects, but does not get users high.

“Now, to get anti-inflammatory stuff, you have to take drugs,” Coker said. “And I sort of saw this as a natural alternative to that.”

While the FDA works to release its findings, businesses like Noli Oil wonder if the health benefits people report will be backed up by the federal government.

“We honestly didn’t know that we were mislabeling anything. We were waiting on those guidelines to come out,” King said. “Our products are good and safe. They don’t have a problem with the products. Like I said, they just have a problem with some of the labeling and marketing.”

Noli Oil has 15 business days to make the FDA changes. The FDA did not say how it picked out these specific stores across the country.


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