Soothe Rolls Out CBD Massage in San Diego –

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Soothe, the world’s largest on-demand massage service, announces the availability of CBD massage in a number of areas in and around San Diego. Mission Hills resident and Soothe massage therapist Michelle Dunn offers CBD massage to Soothe clients living in Downtown, Coronado, South Park, North Park, Mission Hills, Point Loma, and Carmel Valley.

Soothe’s luxurious CBD massage combines a variety of massage techniques, supplemented with the topical use of high-quality FDA-compliant cannabidiol (aka “CBD”) products. The hemp-based, topical CBD lotions and oils used by Soothe therapists contain less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (aka “THC”)–which is within Federal limits–and are therefore non-psychoactive. She has been using topical CBD products for over one year on herself and enjoys its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Says Dunn, “I am very interested in providing diverse holistic modalities. I was first introduced to CBD topicals 4 years ago when I was a massage intern at a private practice. I currently use CBD in the context of massage therapy for clients who suffer from chronic pain, various sports injuries, or have difficulty falling asleep. Recently, a few Soothe clients asked me to start integrating CBD into their massage, typically during deep tissue or sports massages.”

Soothe lets users schedule a same-day massage in the privacy of their home or hotel. Residents of San Diego and other areas of Southern California can now book a CBD massage via Soothe’s app, website and via toll-free number 833-276-6843.


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