Some local Ohio retailers told by law enforcement to stop selling CBD oil – WFMJ


Ohio is one step closer to having CBD oil become legal.
But until then, some area stores that sell the product are being told to stop.

As the owner of Living Naturally Health Market in Boardman, Chad Williams gets a lot of calls.
Many are from customers looking for CBD products derived from hemp.
Those contain no THC, and are therefore different from those derived from marijuana.

“Lots of people have pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression,” Williams says.

But despite CBD being legal on the federal level and in neighboring states like Pennsylvania, it’s not in Ohio.

“The last couple months have been kind of eventful,” says Williams.

In March, Boardman police stepped in.

“They gave us a letter…indicating that CBD products from hemp need to be taken off the shelf,” Williams says.

There have been similar crackdowns across the Valley and Ohio – but probably not for much longer.
Senate Bill 57 looks to legalize CBD oil derived from hemp.
Senator Sean O’Brien says it’s already on the fast track to Governor DeWine’s desk.

“To confiscate the oil and the product now seems a little too harsh with the understanding that this legislation is going to make it legal,” O’Brien said.

That letter from Boardman police cites a directive by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.
Senate Bill 57 would take regulatory control away from the Board and put it in the hands of the Department of Agriculture.
But when 21 News reached out to the Board Monday, we were told it was not involved in the matter.

Despite the initial confusion, retailers like Chad Williams are looking forward to Senate Bill 57 clearing the way for much more than their bottom line.

“Can it revitalize small business? Sure,” says Williams. “The biggest thing is that it’s helping people.”

Senate Bill 57 has passed the Senate and is sitting in the House Ag committee, of which O’Brien is a ranking member.
He expects Governor DeWine to sign the measure by the end of June.
It would then take effect after 90 days.


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