Sofie Pavitt’s Postpartum Skin-Care Routine – The Cut

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Photo: Meredith Jenks / Courtesy of Sovie Pavitt

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Before Sofie Pavitt founded her own skin-care studio in Manhattan, she designed handbags for 15 years. She was working for Michael Kors, making quarterly work trips to Seoul, when she discovered Korean beauty. “It got to the point where I would be more stoked on what treatments I was going to get on my trip and what I was bringing back for people than the handbags themselves, so I enrolled in beauty school,” she remembers. For a while, she was working her full-time fashion job and offering facials on the weekends, but the facials eventually became so popular that she leased a full-time studio on Canal Street and gave herself an ultimatum. She recalls, “I said I would open up my December calendar to full-time, and if I booked out 35 appointments, I would quit my job.” She booked 86 appointments and hasn’t looked back.

As a facialist, Pavitt finds that her biggest nemesis is misinformation. “There are so many killer acids out there available for people to just go buy, and so many people are piling on three or four different ones, then thinking their skin is sensitive,” she explains. “I see so many clients who’ve just completely burnt off their skin barrier by overusing exfoliants.” She advises educating yourself on ingredients and investing in treatments rather than “tons” of products.

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