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Soda made from cannabis will soon hit store shelves.

Bay City, Mich. – As Michigan develops regulations for recently legalized recreational marijuana, products made from the cannabis plant are becoming big money makers.

This includes CBD products, like Sprig soda, that some say has the effects of cannabis.

Ideal Party Store in Bay City will soon begin selling Sprig sodas. They look, smell and taste like soda but is made with CBD. CBD is a product derived from hemp or marijuana plants.

“It’s supposed to make you feel a little more loose than you’re normally feeling,” says Andrew Crete whose father owns Ideal Party Store.

Crete says Michiganders are relaxing their views on products made by cannabis plants now that recreational marijuana is legal in this state.

This is bringing new CBD products to the market.

Birch Run mother Amanda Reinig sells CBD oils, creams and even coffee creamer. She sells products via her website

She says they treat a variety of health issues.

“Pain, joint stiffness, PTSD,” she says.

Reinig says CBD is not mind altering like smoking weed.

“The health without the high,” she says. She’s been selling products for nearly six months and expects an increase of business from customers across the country. This after the 2018 farm bill passed. It removed hemp from a list of controlled products, opening the flood gates for new items, like Sprig.Crete says Sprig will cost four dollars a can, which he admits is a lot of money. But he says customers will pay a premium for an experience. “We all just pay top dollar for something that will make us feels somewhat better,” he says. Crete hopes to have Sprig on shelves in ten days. He says they are waiting to get more information from the state. There is no alcohol in Sprig, but workers are unclear if customers have to be 21-years-old to purchase it.


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