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The CBD revolution is not subject to stop anytime soon, and I’m definitely not mad about it. Hushh, the wonderful new wellness brand out of Redondo Beach, is dedicated to showing the world that CBD is more than a craze, it’s apart of a truly healthy lifestyle. As if rosewater toning, post-shower moisturizing and oiled-up massaging wasn’t already beneficial enough for the head-to-toe-to-soul, Hushh’s homegrown ingredients and CBD formula make these tasks just that much more nourishing. As CBD is essentially the all-curing elixir for everything from sore muscles to anxious thoughts to unwanted booty-jiggles, Hushh puts the powerful potion in motion for all of us, allowing customers to be their best selves with one spray to the skin. We got to try it out ourselves, and we’re all softer and stress-less because of it.


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