Side effects: Medical marijuana may be legal across Oklahoma, but on state colleges it’s been denied admission –

A short walk separates college life from a different sort of higher education.

Pass between the brick and stone columns that mark the north entrance of the University of Oklahoma campus and walk the half-block north on Asp Avenue into Norman’s famous Campus Corner, walking past some of the college town’s most popular restaurants, and you’ll reach the white sign sitting on the sidewalk, its bold, green cross and the words “Now Open” underneath, beckoning customers inside to the shopping area’s first medical marijuana dispensary.

The short distance is ideal for Scott Huggins.

The Industrial Engineering major at OU said his walk from Gallogly College of Engineering to his job at Green Buffalo Dispensary is only about three minutes.

“It’s so convenient,” Huggins says of his part-time job. “I could throw a rock and hit campus.”

The store carries all things marijuana; from popular flower strands such as Northern Lights and Pineapple Express to edible gummies, marijuana tonics, cannabis-infused olive oil, honey and hot sauce.

Owner Joe Wilson, 34, said they have served all manner of customers since the dispensary opened in March, including students, faculty and staff from across the street. Some have stopped by just to see what a dispensary looks like, others have asked how to get a medical marijuana card and even more have purchased product.

“I think we have the best location in the state,” says Wilson, who grew up in a neighborhood right next to OU’s campus. “We are already dreaming about game day and excited to see what it brings. With 100,000 people out here for football, that is exciting.


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