Shoals law enforcement cracks down on illegal CBD oil use

Over 100 people and businesses in the Shoals are illegally taking and selling CBD oil and the district attorney’s office tells us if they don’t stop they will be prosecuted.

Thursday, both district attorney’s for Colbert and Lauderdale Counties held a press conference about the issue. They said Alabama law is plain and simple, it’s illegal to sell any part of a marijuana plant.

Right now officials are getting ready to send out cease and desist letters to any person or business selling these products. Only under certain laws can someone use CBD oil in Alabama.

“It’s personal to me and hits close to home,” said Lauderdale County Drug Task Force Director Tim Glover. Glover told WAAY31 in 1997 his daughter had a seizure.

“She was diagnosed with epilepsy and that was twenty plus years ago and everyday through her young adult teens she had to take prescription medication for epilepsy,” said Glover.

If Leni’s or Carly’s law were in place they could have given her CBD oil legally, under a doctors supervision. Now Glover says at least 120 people and businesses are selling these illegal CBD products in Lauderdale County alone.

“They self diagnose and self medicate and take and distribute these drugs,” said Glover.

There are three Alabama laws where it’s legal to grow hemp and take CBD oils. So let’s look at those. Under Carly’s Law, it says says you can have CBD oil, only if you are in the approved program at UAB hospital and have a serious medical condition.

“That law is very specific and it says you have to be involved in that program,” said Angie Hamilton, the assistant district attorney in Lauderdale County.

Under Leni’s Law, it says a parent or guardian can give a child, who has seizures or a serious medical condition CBD oil containing 3% of the drug. Even under Leni’s Law a doctor
must prescribe and approve a patient to have this.

“Alabama is not a medical marijuana state,” said Hamilton.

Under Alabama’s farm bill, hemp farms can be grown but only by getting a permit for research purposes through the Agriculture department. Higher education facilities are the only entities that can obtain these permits.

“We are going to enforce these laws in our counties,” said Hamilton.

Officials said companies are marketing these illegal drugs as legal and it has caused a lot of confusion.

“There are several individuals in our counties that are selling this stuff from internet based companies in pyramid schemes. You are committing a crime,” said Hamilton.

Officials said they are giving people selling these illegal items a grace period but if they continue to cell the CBD oil they will be prosecuted.

If you have any CBD oil and want to get rid of it contact Colbert or Lauderdale County Drug Task Force Agents.


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