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Scientists have proven there’s plenty more that we’re unaware of when it comes to the science behind marijuana. On December 30th in 2019, Italian scientists discovered two new cannabinoids produced in the cannabis plant.

These discoveries could help explain the variation in the effects of medical and recreational marijuana in users, as well as change the way people use cannabis in these settings.

new marijuana cannabinoids discovered

One of two new chemical compounds discovered through marijuana research has thirty times the effect than known cannabinoids.

Prior to these discoveries, THC and CBD were the most well-known compounds found within marijuana, and the reasons users get high. They also contribute to the medical use of weed, such as through the recovery period of cancer and HIV patients, as well as in treatment of chronic pain and a number of other health issues.

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP) is a newly discovered compound produced in cannabis, boasting what appears to be thirty times the psychoactive strength of THC and CBD. It may also have similar effects to the known cannabinoids, but this information is yet to be confirmed by scientists as no human testing has occurred. Any volunteers?

VICE states:

“Whether that means it gets you 30 times as stoned — or if it’s even psychoactive at all — is still unknown. But in mice, it appeared THCP was more active than THC at lower doses. The scientists also found cannabidiphorol (CBDP), a cousin to CBD, the popular wellness additive.”

This newly discovered compounds could help scientists explain the varied effects of weed on different people and the reason why smoking different blends of cannabis have distinguished effects.

Though if you’re just here looking for super strong skunk, this might not be the answer.


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