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CBD infusion has recently gained momentum in the pharmaceutical and other health improvement industries. This is because of its many benefits being uncovered despite being sourced from the same plant as THC, known for its many side effects. However, unlike THC, cannabidiol (CBD) aids in the management of inflammation and pain, anxiety, helps with sleep, nausea and is non-psychoactive.

Salience, armed with this knowledge has taken it upon itself to create the most beneficial oral and applicative CBD infused pharmaceuticals to help in the efficient healing of those conditions. One may wonder how different Salience products are from other CBD infused products. Here is why:

Salience NANO Technology

CBD is basically insoluble in water and hence its absorption into the system can be a bit difficult. With Nano-emulsion however, bioavailability is greatly improved in CBD infused oral pharmaceuticals. Solutions with microscopic, insoluble particles mixed with oil, water among other is what is referred to as nano-emulsions.

Salience NANO CBD therefore has a highly increased absorption rate. Compared to other CBD products which take up to eight hours before they can be fully absorbed, NANO CBD take only two and a half hours. This is very crucial for patients with acute and urgent conditions that require fast and effective remedy. This applies to where the patient is in acute pain or when they need immediate relief from anxiety.

Disadvantages of CBD

As earlier mentioned, CBD is insoluble in water and its components only prefer bonding with lipids such as oil thereby only allowing for the CBD oral products to be infused with oil substances. Once swallowed CBD also has to undergo the ‘first effect’ where it is broken down by the gut and liver enzymes before it is released into the system. This can also take quite a while hence the recommendation to add the drops of CBD oil under the tongue and wait 10-30 seconds before swallowing to bypass the liver process.

Salience Products

So far, they are available in oil and salve forms, with the strength in the oils coming in two parts—the 150mg and 300mg. The salves are specifically formulated to aid in extra pain relief and for aching muscles.


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