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RYAH Medtech Inc has issued a report on chronic pain and cannabis, noting that pain is the fourth most popular reason medical cannabis patients seek treatment. 

In a statement on Monday, the company said the report – which was based on data taken from RYAH’s propriety data pool – also showed that slightly more men than women treat their pain with cannabis.

Types of pain treated included migraines and headaches, general pain, arthritis and inflammation and fibromyalgia. Both groups of patients also experienced co-morbidities including anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia and mood swings.

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The study also looked at the data on how different types of chronic pain respond to different strains of medical cannabis. It noted that patients preferred strains with percentages of THC above 15%, considered to be a relatively high concentration of THC. 

RYAH said patients rated Indica and Indica-dominant hybrids as providing the most symptom relief. Examples of some of these Indica dominant strains include Blueberry, Diesel, Mango, and LA Confidential. Sativa is the other THC strain. 

CBD no major role symptom relief

One of the more unexpected findings was that CBD content did not seem to play a major role in terms of symptom relief, the company said.

“Pain is a top concern for medical cannabis patients visiting physicians and dispensaries and we hope that this report will help inform the public on how some patients are personalizing their cannabis treatments to achieve better outcomes,” said RYAH CEO Gregory Wagner.

“As a company rooted in big data and predictive analysis, RYAH is uniquely positioned to use our artificial intelligence platform to provide insights on the complete medical plant life cycle from seed to consumption,” he added.

RYAH, based in New York, is a big data and technology company focused on valuable predictive analysis in the global medical plant intake industry. It has also developed the first dose-measuring cannabis vaporizer.

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