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Research shows that cannabidiol — more commonly referred to as CBD — helps to relieve pain, stress, and anxiety. If you feel overwhelmed, suffer from poor sleep, or have chronically aching muscles, maybe it’s time you gave one of these price-reduced products a try.

Savage CBD Edible Gummies

MSRP: $34.99   |   Sale: $24.99   |   Save 28 percent

Ease pain, reduce stress and sleep better with CBD Gummies. Perfect for anyone who wants to try CBD for the first time, each sweet and flavorful gummy has been tested to be pesticide, GMO, and THC free. That means you’ll get all the positive benefits of CBD without any of the negative stuff that’s sometimes associated with it.

CBD Full Spectrum Lotion

MSRP: $44.99   |   Sale: $29.99   |   Save 33 percent

Suffer from chronic aches and pains? Then this lotion could be your ticket to relief. Simply apply to an affected area and rub into the skin. It’s more potent than other lotions so it’ll work fast, it features a pleasant lavender and citrus odor, and each bottle contains less than 0.3% THC so you won’t experience any psychoactive effects.

CBD Pet Spray

MSRP: $44.99   |   Sale: $32.99   |   Save 26 percent

Products containing CBD aren’t just for humans. Pets need pain relief also, especially as they age. And that’s what makes this CBD Spray such a wise investment, especially at this price. Simply spray a little into your fur baby’s food or drink and they’ll be happier for it. It’s vegan, contains no pesticides or GMO’s, and contains a negligible 0.3% THC.

CBD Tincture

MSRP: $99.99   | Sale: $69.99   | Save 30 percent

Here’s an easy way to add CBD to your daily routine. Simply add a drop of this tincture to your favorite beverages — or even underneath your tongue — to enjoy its many benefits. It features a refreshing grapefruit taste, it’s vegan, and you won’t feel any psychoactive effects as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

CBD Softgels (30 Count)

MSRP: $90.99   |   Sale: $64.99   |   Save 28 percent

Take the benefits of CBD wherever you go. These convenient softgels pack easily so you can enjoy them from anywhere. Each one contains 25 mg of full spectrum CBD that’s both vegan and free of pesticides and GMO’s. Choose the option that’s right for you: An eight count package is just $32.99 and the 30 count bottle is on sale for $64.99.

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