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Pure water bottling plant planned for former brewery site

A former brewery in Conwy could be demolished and replaced with a plant for bottling water if plans are approved.

The former North Wales Brewery, in Moelfre close to the county border with Denbighshire, produced beer with water from its own borehole. However the site ceased production in 2016.

The plans, submitted by Huw Evans Planning on behalf of Celtic Wellbeing, involve constructing a new site for the extraction and bottling of water with a selection of additives in order to market the product as “functional” water.

Celtic Wellbeing, a subsidiary of Conwy based Pharma Group, estimates the site could generate turnover of £320,000 per annum from year three, employing five staff. The build cost is estimated to be £245,000.

The application’s planning statement reads: “The former brewery utilised a supply of good quality “pure water” from a bore hole on site to brew their beer and produce carbonated drinks. The current proposal seeks to utilise this natural water supply and redevelop the site by the construction of a new bottled ‘functional water’ production unit.

“‘Functional water’ is water that is infused with a ‘wellbeing’ element such as vitamins and or herbal extracts with known health qualities.

“Celtic Wellbeing has already established a growing customer base for its other product lines. These include the National Trust, RSPB plus around 60 independent retailers such as wellness centres, spa’s and health stores. ‘The Health Store’ is a large health food wholesaler which has recently agreed to list Celtic Wellbeing products and the largest sports Nutrition Company in Europe, ‘My Protein‘ has expressed an interest in listing its functional waters.

“A significant development is the infusion of water with cannabidiol, (CBD). CBD has experienced a surge in popularity partly due to its availability in high street health shops.

“Whilst previously viewed as an option only for the seriously ill, CBD oil has proven to have a wide range of benefits, reducing anxiety, promoting relaxation, ensuring a good night’s sleep, reducing pain perception and improving general feelings of wellbeing. It therefore appeals to a wide range of people. It is currently most readily available as a tincture but can also be added to water or smoothies. It is in this area that the proposed unit will develop and market.”

Conwy County Borough Council will decide on the project in due course.

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