Popular CBD oil now available in dog chews

The use of CBD oil is getting more popular with people, but a Myrtle Beach veterinarian is now selling it for dogs! Cannachews are edible soft treats.

The doctor says there is less than .03 percent THC.

She says it can help with anxiety, arthritis and digestion.

“THC can be toxic to dogs and so with this particular product, it’s less than .03 percent. Which means there are no psychio-active elements at all to it and it’s very safe. So we’re not gonna have a toxicity level. So that’s really what sets this particular product apart,” said Veterinarian at River Oaks Animal Hospital Heather Duncan.

Duncan says they are held to the same standards as the human medical field.

The “Cannachews” aren’t made from marijuana, so it is legal.

Source: http://wpde.com/news/local/popular-cbd-oil-now-available-in-dog-chews

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