Pittsburgh’s Black Friday Circular: This year’s hottest gifts for your favorite Yinzer – PGH City Paper

Welcome to Pittsburgh’s Black Friday Circular, where you’ll find the perfect local gifts for your favorite yinzers. From this year’s hottest accessories (know anyone in need of a sinkhole repair?) to the season’s hardest-to-find items (a daily newspaper, for one!), we found the best deals a mid-sized city can offer … whether you want them or not.

Adopt One Alligator, Get Six Free

If no alligators are available, 10 wild turkeys
or one red pigeon may be substituted

DIY Sinkhole Repair Kit

Contains one inflatable Port Authority bus. Delivery not guaranteed.

*When you present your ConnectCard

Pittsburgh T-Shirt Bundle

Paired with a Used to be a Macy’s
paired with a Used to Used to be a Kaufmann’s

Eau de Burnt Almond Torte

For the sophisticated Pittsburgher

who is tired of smelling like Heinz Ketchup

Eau de Heinz

For the Yinzer who DGAF

Extra! Extra! Cry All About It!

Write checks out directly to JR Block
Warning! May contain misogynist cartoons

Rick Sebak Masks for Cyclists

Things that aren’t here anymore: Angry drivers! The rage flies out the window when they see the cyclist they’re about to yell at is no other than their favorite WQED personality!

Iron City Aiight

The same beer you love, now infused with CBD oil
*Helping Pirates fans get through another no-hitter
*For when you accidentally read a Mark Madden Tweet

Self-Driving Party Pedaler
Now you can drunkenly yell at passersby without even pretending you’re pedaling! (Passengers are still not allowed to drink on board the vehicle.)

Pamela’s Hotcakes Throw Blanket

Stuffed with fresh strawberries, brown sugar, sour cream, and YOU.
*Twice as big as one of Pamela’s normal-sized famous crepe-style hotcakes

Just for Mayors

From the makers of Just for Men Hair Dye

Designer Clean-Air Breathing Mask

Limited Terrible Towel collector’s edition for the person who wants to live long enough to watch Sunday’s game

Pittsburgh First Aid Kits

Warning: Won’t heal scars left from reading Pittsburgh’s Inequality Across Gender and Race report from Gender Equity Commission

Source: https://www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/pittsburghs-black-friday-circular-this-years-hottest-gifts-for-your-favorite-yinzer/Content?oid=16244529

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