Phyrst Adds CBD Cocktails to Menu – – State College News

Phyrst’s cocktail menu has added three new CBD-infused mixed drinks, which join the classic selection of Trashcans, Irish Car Bombs, and Stars and Stripes Bombs.

Patrons at the 111 E. Beaver Ave. bar may have noticed the new drinks — the Drug Mule, John Daily, and the Mean Girl — on the menu over the past week.

Phyrst and Local Whiskey Manager Tim Riefal said that cannabinoid (CBD) products, specifically mixers like ginger beer, recently became available in local distributors. Due to the increasing popularity of CBD — a compound found in the hemp plant — Riefel and his team decided to give CBD cocktails a shot.

“We thought we’d try it out and see what the response was, see how it tastes,” Riefel said. “It’s good.”

Though it is a component of marijuana, CBD doesn’t induce the high that another component, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, does. But CBD has been touted as a potential treatment for ailments ranging from anxiety to inflammation, although some scientists are skeptical about its potential.

On paper, each of the Phyrst’s new cocktail trio seems like your average mixed drink. This is thanks, in part, to the like-for-like swap provided by the CBD mixers.

“They’re just as easily mixable…it’s just fun to play with,” Riefal said.

The Drug Mule, which consists of CBD ginger beer, reposado tequila, melon liqueur, agave syrup, costs $10. The John Daily is a mix of Deep Eddy’s Sweet Tea Vodka, CBD lemonade, and soda water, while the Mean Girl is a swirl of Absolut strawberry, CBD lemonade, and mint. The Daily and Mean Girl are each $8.

Riefel said that the “refreshing” Mean Girl is the current fan favorite among Phyrst-goers.

The Phyrst appears to be the only bar in downtown State College selling CBD-infused cocktails. Riefel said that the Phyrst was the first to offer CBD-infused drinks to his knowledge.

He added that customers could see even more CBD options in the future as the bar continues to mix and match the new mixers with different spirits.

“It’d be fun to continue to experiment with stuff,” Riefel said. “It’s also a switch from what people typically associate the Phyrst with, because these are quality craft cocktails.”


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