Pet Releaf visits Niles to educate pet owners about CBD products

NILES, Mich. CBD oil is becoming an organic alternative to pharmaceuticals for pets.

A Colorado-based company called Pet Releaf was in Niles on Friday to tell pet owners about the benefits of CBD.

Laura Heyne and Jill Delucia brought their dog, Adele, with them to Doggie-Drive-Thru to learn more about CBD pet products.

“She has some digestive issues, and the CBD has some ingredient in it that will help with digestion,” said Delucia. “We hope that that will make that basically go away.”

“Think of it as a super food smoothie or a daily multivitamin,” said Reid Baker, a representative of Pet Releaf. “CBD in general to any mammal can help slow down the aging process of the brain.”

Pet Releaf warns you should avoid using CBD that comes from a marijuana and hemp plant hybrid.

They get their CBD only from hemp plants, which contain high levels of CBD and very small amounts of THC, which is the compound in marijuana that has psychotic effects.

“Marijuana is high in THC, low in CBD, whereas hemp is super high in CBD, low to non-traceable amounts of THC,” said Baker. “That’s why we will only ever use a hemp plant.”

That’s why the products are perfectly legal and why Doggie-Drive-Through chose to trust Pet Releaf’s products.

“We found out they were safe because we actually had their products tested at a lab in Kalamazoo to make sure that number one, it was legal, and number two that it contained exactly what they had described that it contained, which it did,” said Becki Curtis, the cat consultant at Doggie-Drive-Thru.

As for Adele, she was very happy to try a CBD treat for the first time.

“She tried the treats and she loves them, so I’m going to start with the treats and maybe sometime move to the oils,” said Heyne.

Pet Releaf is a fast-growing company that comes highly recommended by Maggie Patterson, the owner of Doggie-Drive-Thru.

You can learn more about them on their website at


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