Pet Owners Turn To CBD To Calm Their Anxious Animals During Fireworks

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. РFor humans, fireworks are festive and fun, but for pets, not so much. Several pet owners are using a new kind of chill pill: CBD oil.

CBD products, in capsule or drop form, are fast-becoming common-place on Nashville shelves. They contain non-psychoactive hemp extract said to calm pets suffering from anxiety issues, nervousness, or fear of fireworks. 

Wendie¬†Dennison is the General Manager at Nashville¬†Pet Products. She says, they’re new to the world of CBD but say it’s very popular with pet parents. ¬†

“We’ve had so much customer curiosity and interest that we started looking into it. We have brought in a couple of lines from companies that we trust and have experience with,” she said.¬†

Other Nashville-based companies are taking notice of the trend. Start-up YUYO¬†Botanics initially developed a line of CBD products for humans but say they’ll also be releasing a line for pets soon, as interest continues to grow.

Some vets are still hesitant to use CBD, since there are no long-term studies dedicated to the long-term effects of CBD. 


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