Pet CBD Oil Maker MediPets Partners With South Florida’s Saving Sage Animal Rescue

MediPets CBD, maker of Pet CBD Oil and CBD Pet Treats for cats and dogs announced a joint partnership recently with South Florida’s Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation, making the company the official pet CBD oil and sponsor of this fantastic organization. With the potential of CBD oil to enhance the lives of cats and dogs, helping them to be possibly stress-free and even pain-free, Saving Sage saw the opportunity to join with MediPets as one that perfectly aligns with their mission.

All About Pet CBD Oil

Medipets is known as the innovative pet CBD oil brand for cats and dogs that offers furry companions an all-natural opportunity to focus on their well-being. Helping to stimulate their endocannabinoid systems, MediPets line of CBD oil for pets contains 100 percent all-natural industrial hemp CBD and are non-toxic as well. Developed by a team of researchers in a lab, their pet CBD oils are available in four sizes, one for cats and three for dogs depending on their size — small, medium, or large.

MediPets recently introduced a new kind of CBD oil made exclusively to help pets deal with stress and anxiety. Their CBD Pet Spray is 100 mg of all natural, industrial hemp CBD oil designed to be easily administered to cats or dogs.

CBD Pet Treats are another great way to show pets the unconditional love they deserve through all-natural CBD oil. Dog-lovers can choose from 16 flavors that include beloved snacks like Meaty Beef Treats, Meaty Steak Treats, and Chicken Meatballs. Feline friends have Purrs & Puffs, flavored with natural tuna fish, or Cat Cafe´ Tartar Control which help keep cats’ teeth strong and healthy.

A Partnership With A Mission

Earlier this year, MediPets donated $3,000 to Saving Sage to help the organization with their anesthesia machines. Not only did the pet CBD oil company give the organization a new machine that they so sorely needed, but the donation helped the rescue fix their existing machines, giving more animals the care that they need.

On May 26th Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation received a big check — literally! It was the kind reserved for sweepstakes winners! In an event held at the West Broward Animal Hospital, the Big Check Event was a way for MediPets CBD oil for pets to donate to an important cause while also having a lot of fun. Lots of people showed up for the presentation to  Saving Sage, and they stayed around for pizza!

MediPets knows that a pet is a part of the family. It’s why their pet CBD oil is made from top-quality, all-natural 100 percent industrial hemp.

“We know how much potential pet CBD oil has to really help dogs and cats feel younger and more energetic, which is why we take great pride in all of the products we make, from our CBD oils to our pet CBD treats to our CBD pet spray,” said MediPets in a statement about the event. “Working with Saving Sage, an amazing organization that does wonderful work for all of the animals here in South Florida is an honor, and just one of the many ways we hope to give back to the community that gives so much to us.”

South Florida’s Saving Sage

Saving Sage is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 animal rescue organization that was founded in 2014. It is headed up by Regina Nicole Vlasek, who is the President and founding partner of the organization, and Kathy Bienek, who is the Vice-President. From the start, the rescue has run through the goodwill, time, and energy of dedicated volunteers who give their time to helping needy animals.

They work to help South Florida’s most needy, abused and neglected animals. Volunteers of the rescue serve the community and help endangered pets through youth educational programs and tackling the overpopulation crisis, as well as in many other ways. Saving Sage is dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their companions by providing microchip scanners and training to various police departments.

“Our fight for the animals is a big task, but together we are strong,” the organization wrote recently when publicizing the Big Check Event. “Little by little, one animal at a time, we are winning this battle and becoming one step closer to the change that the animals in South Florida so desperately need.”

To find out more about Saving Sage, or to donate, go to To find out more about MediPets pet CBD oil and other products go to


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