Noah McAdams’ Mom Issues Instagram Plea After Custody Loss – CafeMom

There, a Hillsborough County judge ruled that Noah would continue to stay in the care of his maternal grandma, where he had been since being separated from his parents.

The judge also ruled that the primary form of treatment for their son’s cancer should be chemotherapy, as doctors had recommended — and the parents were ordered to get him started on it within the next 28 days.

Bland and McAdams initially requested to treat their son’s cancer with a more homeopathic approach, involving CBD oil, alkaline water, mushroom tea, herbal extracts, and dietary changes, which they claimed to have already started and seen success with.

“We’re not trying to refuse any kind of treatment,” Bland told reporters in May. “They think we’re refusing treatment all around, putting him in danger, trying to kill him. But not at all. We’re trying to save him.”

Still, the judge wasn’t having it.