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NHS has said that it is going to make cannabis-based epilepsy treatment available to thousands of children and others suffering from epilepsy this year. The treatment which is expected to be available from January 6 in England will be made accessible to thousands of people with severe epilepsy. According to reports, hundreds of children will benefit from the treatment. The health service in England is making efforts to fast-track the supply of the oral medication which is made from cannabidiol (CBD). The medication has been named Epidyolex.

Those who are to benefit from the treatment are estimated to be around 2,000. However, arrangements are being made for hundreds of children across the country to be administered with the treatment as soon as it is available. Back in November 2019, Epidyolex was recommended for use in epilepsy patients. The drug is formulated to treat two rare types of epilepsy- Dravet syndromes and Lennox-Gastaut. When clinical trials were conducted, health experts said that the drug had the potential to reduce the number of seizures that an epilepsy patient experiences by up to 40 percent. It could, however, be lower in some patients. In 2018, there was a change in the law that legalized the prescription of medicinals by doctors. But many health professionals held back from doing so as they pointed out that there was no clear guidance on the new policy.

The End Our Pain campaign group, however, showed support for the new law saying that the change would especially benefit families who have to pay up to £2,000 monthly for such products. For them, the new law would lessen the financial burden of families who have to care for loved ones with epilepsy. Speaking on the new law, the director of the campaign group, Millie Hinton said:

“These people have been pushed to financial breaking point as a result of buying the only drug that gives their loved ones significant seizure control and improves the quality of their life, giving them one that they deserve. Some families have had to sell their homes just to be able to fund the treatment.”

Hinton added that the NHS should not just stop at providing CBD based medication for those with the two rare types of epilepsy that the drug is expected to treat. Instead, they should also provide medication containing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for those with other types of epilepsy.

“While it is commendable that the NHS is fast-tracking the supply of a CBD-only product, families that need products containing both CBD and THC will lose out of an opportunity to give their loved ones quality treatment. These families need to be helped too. They should be given NHS prescriptions for medications containing CBD and THC. It is unfair to allow these vulnerable families to remain in such a desperat

e state.”

The chief executive of NHS, Simon Stevens has stated that they are committed to boosting the quality of life of all those who are living with rare diseases. He acknowledged that living with or caring for those with epilepsy can be exceptionally challenging especially as there are not many treatments out there for rare forms of the disease. The NHS is hopeful that the new cannabis-based medication will bring about improvement in the life of epilepsy patients.

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