Natural nutrition for pets from Premier Pet Supply

We hear a lot about natural supplements, but it’s usually for humans.  There are natural human supplements that can help our pets as well.

Our friends at Premier Pet Supply brought some nutritious supplements that might be just right for your family’s furry buddies.

Owner Mike Palmer and certified pet nutritionist Samantha Henson discussed how they meet with pet owners to find out any and all issues their pet may have, for instance, hip pain, digestive issues or skin and coat problems. Then Palmer and Henson recommend vitamins or supplements that can help with your pet’s overall health.

Both Palmer and Henson say pets can take everything from CBD oil to goat’s milk and bone broth as long as it is cleared by a veterinarian. They also offer free consultations at the Premier Pet Supply location in Beverly Hills.

You can find these types of supplements for pets at Premier Pet Supply locations.  


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