Murfreesboro woman loses job after taking CBD


Many people in Murfreesboro are turning towards hemp-based products to ease their pain and anxiety.

Mai Hamric is one of them, but she never knew it would cause her to lose her job.

She has been an artist her entire life and landed the job of her dreams two years ago a visual arts programming specialist for the city of Murfreesboro. A few weeks before her new promotion, she was let go after failing a drug screen from an over-the-counter compound called CBD. 

CBD is found in the cannabis plant and is used for anxiety and pain relief.

“I suffer from panic attacks because of my anxiety and I had heard that CBD would alleviate anxiety and prevent panic attacks, ” Hamric says.

Hamric  saw no problem in taking the test because CBD is legal and she even brought it to the HR director. 

“I showed her what I was taking and told her that it was all a big misunderstanding. I was told it wouldn’t show up on a drug screen. She said I could have the second half of my sample tested but ultimately it was a failed drug screen and that was that.”

CBD is legal in Tennessee but people like Mai Hamric are learning the hard way that it may still show up on a drug test.

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