#Metoo pirouette, singer overboard and CBO Oil for Fido

Faces in the Bulldog frame Monday include from left to right, Alexandra Waterbury, 19, a student at the New York City Ballet. She is bringing #metoo in dance slippers to the company. Alexandra has filed suit against a former principal dancer she says took nude pictures of her and handed them around to the other men at the school. Centre, German pop singer Daniel Kueblboeck is missing overboard from a cruise liner off the east coast of Canada. A robot at World News says Kuebelboeck was discovered in 2003 on Germany Seeks The Superstar. At right, we see Charlie, owner of Bark and Meow Pet Supplies on Bloor West where you can pick up a vial of CBD Oil for fido. It cures everything from long hair to flat feet, it seems. Oh yeah, bring $90 to pay for it. (Beware that very good City News report superimposes the name of Dr. Ted Morris on Charlie incorrectly).

Source: https://bayview-news.com/2018/09/metoo-pirouette-singer-overboard-and-cbo-oil-for-fido.html/

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