Medical scare compels man to open CBD oil store in DeForest – – WISC-TV3

DEFOREST, Wis. – Kari Dorn’s medical scare happened in June this year. 

“They told me I had a huge brain mass,” Dorn said. 

After a trip to the hospital, she found out she had a brain tumor. Her first seizure happened on July 13 of this year. 

“My seizures at those times were lasting about 40 minutes,” she said. 

Her son, Shane Dorn, was there for all of it. 

“I was freaked out. I don’t even know if words can describe getting a phone call saying your mom was rushed to intensive care,” Shane said. 

Dorn took anti-seizure medication, but every time the effects stopped working, she was prescribed the next highest dose. Her seizures still happened regularly. 

Shane suggested CBD oil. He said he didn’t know much about it at the time, but knew something had to change. 

At first, Dorn was skeptical to take it, but after realizing she couldn’t go on living the way she was, and with the green light from her neurologist, she tried it. 

“I’ve been seizure-free for a month,” she said. 

After seeing the life-changing effects it had on his own mom, Shane decided to open the first CBD oil store in DeForest this week called CBD American Shaman. 

“It almost seems unnatural how positive the reaction is from everybody. I don’t know that I could think of a better work environment than making other people happy and almost changing their lives. That’s probably what intrigues me the most about it,” he said. 

Shane said his store carries many varieties of CBD oil, both with and without legal traces of THC. 

He added there is a gray area of the legality of CBD oil. According to federal laws, THC is illegal across the U.S. However, CBD oil can be legally sold when derived from agriculturally grown hemp and can have below 0.3 percent THC. As long as CBD companies comply with these federal laws, it’s up to local police to enforce these laws. Shane said American Shaman has all of its inventory tested to comply with federal regulations and that he did his due diligence with checking with Dane County officials to ensure he could run his business in DeForest. In fact, he added he has a lot of support in his community.

On top of having this community support, his number one reason to keep going is to help his mom. 

“It doesn’t make you high, it doesn’t make you feel weird or anything. You feel like a normal person and once the effects start getting into you, you can actually go about and enjoy your life,” Dorn said. 

If you have questions about CBD oil, Shane said you can stop by the store and get a free sample. He also has a sister store in Portage. 


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