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KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — Starting Thursday, the medical use of marijuana in Missouri is legal.

The measure approved by voters to allow patients with cancer, PTSD and other ailments to use marijuana takes effect Thursday, but it will be months before that can actually happen.

The state has until June 4th of next year to make applications available for patients to talk to a physician. Then it will be another 30 days before they start accepting those applications and another 30 days after that before they start issuing patient cards.

The CBD oil business has been growing in the metro.

Now those shops are faced with a question, do they expand for medical marijuana or not.

Ed Wilson has been operating his American shaman CBD oil shop for about five months.

He watched closely when Missouri voters went to the polls last month.

After amendment 2 made medical marijuana legal, Wilson says it is a good thing.

“I think it is going to make people more aware of what’s going on. I think it is going to make them more curious,” said Wilson.

Wilson hasn’t been in the CBD business long, but he has steady customers.

Wilson sells CBD infused candies and oils.

But, he says right now he won’t be expanding to medical marijuana.

Wilson says moving away from CBD only would costs thousands of dollars to get started.

“You’re talking at least a $100,000 investment. You’re going to pay a lot of taxes,” voiced Wilson.

Plus, Wilson sees customers who want help but can’t, or won’t, smoke medical marijuana.

“I used to be a marijuana smoker, but I just wanted an alternative for pain relief,” expressed Connor Calhoon, Customer.

“My job is a very dangerous job. I’m thousands of feet in the air on a daily basis. One false move and that’s it – that’s history for me,” continued Calhoon.

As for owner Ed Wilson, CBD is the best way to get help without getting high.

The law requires the state to grant at least 192 licenses to dispense marijuana spread throughout Missouri. It also mandates at least 61 licenses to cultivate marijuana for sale.


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